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Curl Makeover with Seaux Divine Organics Flaxseed Styling Gel

Why Flaxseed Gel?

Our Story

Seaux Divine Organics is the manifested vision of Ariadne Joseph, mother of three daughters, pioneer, actor and entrepreneur. Seaux Divine's handmade Flaxseed gel was created after Ariadne's daughters developed a severe allergic reaction to several different hair styling products due to the chemical ingredients used to make them. Products like these dominate the hair care market and are often labeled as safe to use. Having a strong belief that everyone should have access to natural healthy hair care products, Ariadne made it her mission to create a safe and nourishing hair styling product, not just her daughters but anyone regardless of age and hair types. We know you love your hair and we love it too! With every purchase, you help to support our mission to make chemical free hair care products more accessible. We extend our deepest appreciation to all of our supporters. We love you all.

How to Use Seaux Divine Organics Flaxseed Gel

Seaux Divine Flaxseed Gel is handcrafted and made with 100% natural ingredients, for longer shelf life, refrigeration is highly recommended.

How to use Seaux Divine Organics Flaxseed Gel