What is Sound Therapy?

 “Sound Therapy” is a practice I have been studying for over 5 years now. I’ve implemented the technique during my Massage Therapy and Reiki sessions with clients and also on myself and family. I have witnessed amazing healing transformations using this healing modality. Anything from severe migraines to Cancer has been reported to have been cured using Sound Therapy in junction with diet, lifestyle changes and other healing modalities. 

So, what is Sound Therapy?  This is a complex subject and can be very nuanced. So many other areas of study are required to fully understand it, such as Energy, Vibration, Consciousness, Quantum physics etc. in short, it is the practice of using sound frequencies to decode complex streams of genetic and environmental information that can lead to health or disease. The human genetic code or genome, which is present in almost every cell of our bodies, can be activated by environmental signals through this process which can also be called, “Epigenetic signaling”. 

One very important fact we must understand is that the human body is wired to be exquisitely sensitive to sound. The faculty of hearing is one of the first senses to develop in utero and the last to depart before death. In addition to perceiving sound through our ears, we also “hear” the pressure waves of sound through our skin, and the water that makes up approximately 70 percent of us conducts sound four to five times faster than air. Our bones conduct sound, as evidenced by newer hearing aids that conduct sound through the skull directly to the cochlea, and through the technique of using a vibrating tuning fork to determine if a bone is fractured. 


There are two definitions for “Sound” 

1. Vibrations transmitted through an elastic solid or a liquid or gas, with frequencies in the approximate range of 20 to 20,000 Hertz (Abbreviated as Hz), capable of being detected by human organs of hearing. (Hertz refers to cycles per second, a term named after the German physicist Heinrich Hertz). 

2. Transmitted vibrations of any frequency. 


The bowls you see featured here are 639Hz which is the frequency of “Love” Heart Chakra and the smaller bowl, is 528Hz which is the Third Eye frequency or “Pineal Gland” and when activated, it can assist in your return to spiritual order and balance. 

I use these bowls to fine tune my body’s frequencies creating a balanced, more harmonious energetic field. Thus, alleviating any physical or emotional ailments I’m having issues with. Being able to do this is vital during these very stressful times. This is how I have been able to eliminate STRESS and keep my immunity high.